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Spy Pinhole Camera

OK Agent 007, your mission is to walk into the sales office, wear a hidden camera, and record the clerk as he lies to you regarding your warranty, contract, or price.  Or maybe you need to record a conversation with a client, employer, or colleague where you know you will be threatened or asked to do something illegal.  Perhaps you’d like to become the ultimate secret shopper and do a friend a favor by showing her how her employees really treat customers.

The newest breed of pinhole spy cameras are unlimited in the uses you can find for them, and they are invisible if properly set up.  Several models are so small that they can be hidden in various articles of clothing. If you “wear” your recorder, you have a set of eyes and ears dedicated to recording virtually everything that you experience.

A “pinhole” camera is really just that.  A primitive, old fashioned film camera could be fashioned by mounting a sheet of photographic film on the inside back wall of a cardboard box, and a pin would poke a hole in the front. This tiny aperture would sharply focus light onto the film. With experimentation, artful pictures could be made without so much as a lens or standard camera body.  Now, we refer to any camera with a micro aperture like that as a pinhole camera. These new electronic pinhole spy cameras are designed for surreptitious surveillance work. If not worn, these tiny units can be hidden behind almost anything – as long as the camera can have access to an opening not much wider than a pin point.

520 TV Lines, f 3.7mm Conical Pinhole Lens, 38 x 38 mm, Option: Remote or RS-485These spy cameras are absolutely what the DIY’er ordered. This style of camera is the building block of home crafted spy gadgets. If you are unhappy with the myriad of cameras already placed into “dummy” devices, this is what you need to get you started.  It’s a simple, no frills pinhole camera that can be built into furniture, placed on a shelf, or hidden behind almost anything. It takes 12V DC power and can be plugged into any external recorder or monitor.  With 520 lines of video resolution and a 1/3 inch Sony HAD CCD chip, it will provide you an incredibly detailed, bright video picture.  There are several variations of this style available.

Button & Screw  Camera w/ AudioPerhaps the closest thing to a James Bond spy cam are the so called “button-cams”. These are engineered on the pinhole style base, but as an added plus, the pinhole lenses are designed to look like clothing buttons.  So when her majesty’s service calls, these can be worn under a shirt or jacket, with a natural looking button hiding an incredible hidden spycam! Check out actual video shot from one of these super secret double agent camera lenses.

Video Examples of Pinhole Spy Cameras

Imagine being able to record a private meeting, a lecture, a financial transaction, or some evidence where cameras aren’t welcome.  Or how about putting one of these on some clothing draped over a chair.

They’re not limited to clothing.  You can hide them as you would any other pinhole camera.  This spy pinhole camera comes with a variety of button styles.  Also included is a hardware screw type mount that places the pinhole lens in the middle of what looks like a Phillips head screw.  The camera can then be placed INSIDE something as typical as a light switch plate, with that tiny phillips head screw monitoring the whole room!

Micro DVR with Button and Screw CameraWhat is the best way to record a signal from these spypinholes? This model comes in a complete kit: a variety of button lens covers, some screw heads, and the world’s smallest DVR.  They can be put in a pocket, worn on the body, or placed alongside a mounted unit.  Check out how compact these DVR’s are, and how they interface with these pinhole button cams.  Footage can be played back on a PC with the included USB cable, or from the mini-SD card recording media.  It’s easy see how easy this is to set up, and the amazing picture quality that these cameras record.

More Video Examples of Pinhole Spy Cameras

It’s not an exaggeration to say that it wasn’t very long ago at all that Agent 007 would have been the only guy on the block to have access to something like this, and he certainly would not have gotten the kind of deals available today.

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